Canteen for the Elders

In March 2018, ISA Charity Fund participated in “Canteen for the Elders” project organised by Guangzhou Charity Association to offer love to the elders.

ISA Medical Support Home Project

The ISA Medical Support Home was the first funded project to receive frequent financial support from the ISA Charity Fund.

National Culture Heritage Project

The ISA Charity Fund started a three-year, fee-free course on national culture heritage in 2019,

Young People with Disabilities, Ambassador Project

In 2019, the ISA Charity Fund first participated in funding the Disabled Youth Ambassador Programme of the Guangdong Disabled Education Development Foundation

Classroom Book Corner

To improve the lack of library resources in rural schools, the ISA Charity Fund participated in the "Classroom Book Corner" project of Fujian Province's

Education Support Project

This is a continuous education support project of the Guangdong Charity Orphan Association that the ISA Charity Fund participated in 2019